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Sonora Behavioral Health is the only hospital in Southern Arizona specializing in behavioral health and chemical dependency treatment for children and teenagers. Sonora Behavioral Health also provides mental health and addiction treatment programs for adults of all ages.

Sonora Behavioral Health provides a safe, secure and structured environment for children and adults in need of psychiatric inpatient treatment. The individualized psychiatric treatment programs for children and adults are also designed to provide medical detoxification from alcohol and/or drugs, and to treat a wide variety of acute psychiatric symptoms such as suicidal or homicidal thoughts. All patients receive comprehensive psychiatric and psychological evaluations and treatment, as well as 24-hour nursing care and ongoing medical, behavioral and nutrition therapy.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Treatment Programs in Tuscon, Arizona
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Intensive Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment Programs
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What to expect:

When You Call

1Each member of Sonora’s Assessment and Referral staff is an experienced mental health professional. Sonora’s evaluators are skilled in handling crisis situations, providing information on community resources and coordinating an evaluation or admission. They are sensitive to individuals and families in crisis and the need for prompt and effective resolution. Whether a caller is a family member, a person in crisis or a professional wanting to refer an individual for evaluation, Sonora is here to help.


2A team of Assessment and Referral clinicians are available on site at Sonora for crisis assessments. Clinicians evaluate the behavioral health and/or chemical dependency issues of the individual and recommend the most appropriate level of care.


3Sonora understands the importance of managing all aspects of the admission. Individuals and families can be assured that our staff will coordinate the details by working with the referral source, insurance company, community providers and others.


4Sonora Behavioral Health is contracted with most public and commercial health insurance plans and is accredited by The Joint Commission, certified by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and dually licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) and Arizona Office of Behavioral Health Licensure (OBHL).

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