Tucson Telehealth Outpatient Program for Addiction & Mental Health

As part of the heightened preventive measures we have put in place in response to COVID-19, Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital in Tucson, Arizona, is now offering services via telephone and virtual communication platforms to ensure the safety of our patients, their family members, and our staff.

What Is Telehealth?

Learn about the benefits of telehealth

Telehealth is helping providers like Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital close the gap on access to quality behavioral health treatment by using technology to provide care to patients wherever they are. We use phones and videoconferencing software to conduct virtual communications, complete virtual assessments, deliver telehealth therapy, and offer virtual visitation between our patients and their families.

There are countless benefits to telehealth solutions that make this option a safe, effective way for you or a loved one to get the care you need for mental health concerns and co-occurring substance use disorders.

Telehealth is particularly beneficial for people who:

  • Do not have access to reliable transportation
  • Live too far to travel to our treatment facility
  • Have scheduling conflicts that limit their travel
  • Live in areas with limited access to healthcare

When it just isn’t an option to travel to our facility in Tucson, Arizona, telehealth services can help you build a strong relationship with your care team so that you can get back to living a happier, healthier life.

Telehealth Assessments

Telehealth assessment process at Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital in TucsonAZ

Comprehensive assessments are essential to identifying the type and level of care that best meet your current needs. To widen access to the mental health and co-occurring substance use disorder care we provide at Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital, you can complete a free telehealth assessment 24/7 from wherever is most convenient for you.

Here’s what you can expect from our virtual assessment process:

  • Contact us anytime 24/7 to start your free phone or video assessment.
  • You’ll talk with a member of our team about the symptoms you’re experiencing, your medical history, challenges you’re facing, and your goals for treatment.
  • You will also get a chance to ask questions about the care you’ll receive and the recovery process.
  • Within minutes of completing your virtual assessment, you can expect our expert team member to make a recommendation based on the information you provide for the type and level of care that are most beneficial for your needs.

Because our virtual assessment process does not take place at our Tucson, Arizona, facility, we recommend that you find a location where you can close and lock a door so that you will not be disturbed. This ensures that you have a private space in which to complete your telehealth assessment.

Our telehealth assessment service gives you the ability to discover the best treatment options for your unique situation so that you can make the decision that’s right for you. If we determine that another behavioral healthcare provider might be a better fit for your needs, we will make the appropriate referral.

Telehealth Programming

Telehealth programming at Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital in TucsonAZ 

At Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital, we understand that there are often many barriers in a person’s life that can make it challenging to get the mental health and co-occurring substance use disorder treatment they need. Not everyone can make in-person visits to receive care at our facility in Tucson, Arizona, but we do not want these obstacles to keep you from seeking the life-changing support that will get you on a path to better health and wellness.

We offer telehealth solutions for our partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) so that you or a loved one can participate in our outpatient programming from whatever space you find the most safe and comfortable. Our telehealth therapy services provide the same comprehensive, personalized care you would receive in our in-person PHP and IOP, so you can rest assured that we will work with you to help you achieve your recovery goals regardless of the format through which you choose to receive care.

Telehealth Visitation

Telehealth visitation at Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital in Tucson, AZ 

We know how important it can be to stay connected with friends and family while you receive care at Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital. Our telehealth visitation services offer a convenient option that allows your loved ones to stay in touch with you from the comfort of their own homes.

Friends and family can energize and fortify you as you put in the difficult work to reach your recovery goals. While telehealth visits are no substitute for seeing your loved ones in person while in treatment at our facility in Tucson, Arizona, virtual visitation still gives you access to a vital support system.

When your loved ones can’t hold your hand in person, they can do it virtually through telehealth visitation, supporting you every step of the way as you progress on your journey toward a healthier version of yourself.

I know my disorder might not completely go away forever, but I know how to deal with it now. Sonora taught me I am stronger than it and how to be a fighter!

– Vicky S.