Sonora Behavioral Health Staff

Meet the caring and compassionate staff of Sonora Behavioral Health.

Executive Team

Leadership Staff

Medical Staff

  • Mark Austein, M.D. - Internal Medicine
  • Carrie Bowman, N.P. - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Stephen Remolina, M.D. - Psychiatrist and Youth Medical Director
  • M. Anderson Douglass, M.D. - Psychiatrist
  • Timothy Berigan, M.D. - Psychiatrist
  • James O. Abanishe, M.D. - Psychiatrist
  • Victoria Soyannwo, M.D. - Psychiatrist
  • James A. Wilcox, D.O. - Psychiatrist
  • Stephanie Tuebner, N.P. - Nurse Practitioner
  • Kim Greenwood, N.P. - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

My son is doing so well now after his stay at Sonora.

– Emma O.